Sleepless nights

We’ve been in desperate need of a new mattress for the past six months but haven’t been able to commit to a new purchase. After a relaxing Thai holiday earlier on this year, consisting of beach-massage-beach-cocktail-massage, we really noticed how bad it had become! I’ve been comparing the options available.

Memory foam- supposedly v comfortable, although I’m also quite hot blooded and apparently the foam makes you very warm at night. Open spring..pocket spring I’m completely lost. Through my plentiful searching I came across this brilliant image in Wallpaper magazine- bed is by Duxiana- a Swedish company. The bed featured is called the Dux 7007. Yes please..


Watermelon love

Watermelon love

I saw this for the first time back in 05/06 in a Future-Shorts event at the ritzy cinema in Brixton. I still love it. Directed by Joji Koyama


I love orchid plants- having travelled in Asia where they grow in the wild- I developed  a penchant for their appearance in thai salads and on hotel pillows! Check out this lovely feature-vintage cage and purple orchid! The cage was a birthday present from an artist friend of mine. She sanded off the rust and painted it white-beautiful I love it!

Reclaimed Furniture

I found this chair on a  street near to where I live and decided that it would be great for my studio as well as a great project to carry out in the Easter break. It’s definitely in need of a little TLC-(wood glue and styling) I’ll post the (hopefully) beautiful outcome asap!

My golden adonis

I constantly find myself being inspired by artists/designers/makers and exceptional thinkers and wanted to bring all of these things together in one place. That’s why my ‘golden adonis’ was born! I will blog about shows I go to and things I see and buy.

About me

I’m a fine art graduate veering towards 3D design, print design and interiors. I love curious objects and old books. I value things based upon their uniqueness and simplicity. I’m currently working within creative events but am trying to find the time to make again. My online shop will go live soon- I’ll keep you posted!